Whether you’re starting or growing a business, you don’t have to do it alone.  IGNITE! Business Success is here to open the doors to an extensive network of entrepreneur resources and assistance to help you take that next step, no matter how far you are in the process.

IGNITE! exists to make your life easier.  You no longer have to figure out “WHO” can assist you.  Making one contact to IGNITE! Business Success will connect you to the “WHOs” or the right experts within the IGNITE! network that can best serve you.

  1. Contact

    You can simply fill out the “Get Started” form, contact IGNITE! 920.322.1887 or info@IGNITEfdlc.com and we’ll get you started. You may also directly contact any one of the IGNITE! organizations with whom you already have a relationship.

  2. Assess & Connect

    Basic information about your business or idea will be collected in confidence.
    A more comprehensive assessment will be completed, if needed, to determine the type of assistance specific to your situation. We will connect and refer you to the proper resources and experts within and beyond the IGNITE! network who can best serve you.

  3. Support & Guide

    As you receive assistance, a seamless level of support and followup will be given to you by an assigned IGNITE! representative. Your IGNITE! representative will help guide you through the steps of business development and growth.

  4. Launch & Grow

    Once you’ve successfully completed the business development steps or stages with our guidance, you’ll be ready to either start, scale or accelerate your business.