IGNITE! provides integrated and comprehensive support to Fond du Lac County, WI entrepreneurs and innovators in all industries and in all stages of development.

Is IGNITE! a new organization? No. IGNITE! is a robust network comprised of over 15 organizations that have come together to provide entrepreneurs or inventors with a higher level of service and consistency in Fond du Lac County. It is the umbrella network for entrepreneurial development in Fond du Lac County.

Is there a fee associated with IGNITE! services? The initial business consultation is free and many services are free or very low-cost.

What are some of the services provided? IGNITE!’s partners offer a wide range of services, such as business plan consultation, growth strategy consultation, financial projection assistance, access to capital, market and competitive analysis, customer and prospect surveys, entrepreneurial classes and workshops, access to networks and mentors, and much more.

How does a client know what partner to contact initially? Individuals can fill out the Get Started form on our website or stop into any of the partners’ offices. Basic information is collected in confidence and then a referral is made to the partnering organization best suited for you by IGNITE! representatives. IGNITE! works for you so no matter where you start, we get you to the right place.

How does the process work then? You’ll start receiving assistance from the IGNITE! network through a seamless level of support and follow-up. At anytime you can contact the IGNITE! general information or your assigned Coach with questions. It is common that a client will be supported by multiple partnering organizations as they move through the process of business development. At all time, the client is tracked by the partner agencies so it is clear how you are doing with your business idea and progress.

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If you are interested in the entrepreneurial resource providers along the Interstate 41 Corridor, we have a valuable resource matrix that can help you identify who you need to talk to!